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Back to Work Following a Double Blessing

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Hello! It feels so good to be back with my Magpies family after being gone for three months for the very best reason ever! You may already know, but on June 4th our little family of three grew to a party of 5 when I gave birth to Annabelle Marcelle and Georgia Dale. Twin girls plus our “big girl,” 2-year-old Mary Merle, makes for three little ladies and an absolute dream come true. I’ve never been more grateful for anything in my entire life, and although I LOVE my job at Magpies, I have to say, the job of motherhood is even better.

It’s kind of funny — you may have noticed that our baby section at Magpies has expanded in the last two years. I laugh and say that, as my belly grew, so did the baby section! We have always stood behind all the baby products we sell, but I can tell you that there is a giant difference between simply knowing a product is good and actually experiencing it firsthand. I am loving helping people choose baby gifts these days, because I have a handful of absolute favorites that we use on a daily basis. Now that my husband and I are outnumbered, we know we can use all the help we can get. I thought it would be nice to pass these tips along to other parents.

Make My Day Bibs:
These are, hands down, the ONLY bib your child will ever need! While they’re darling to look at, they also feature a large lip that catches food, crumbs and other messy bits. The soft silicone material allows you to roll them up to take to restaurants, etc., and they’re an easy clean, too! What mama needs more laundry to do? Just rinse them in the sink and blot to dry. Our little dog, Pearl, definitely misses the dropped noodles and Cheerios, but I sure appreciate the easier cleanup!

Noodle and Boo Natural Baby Products:
I have to say, I’ve sort of jumped on the “organic” bandwagon, and when it comes to my babies I want to avoid harsh chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients. We use the shampoo, all-in-one body wash and lotion, and we absolutely love them. The products leave their skin and hair feeling soft and smelling like a baby fresh from heaven! I’ve been told that the hair balm is fabulous for crazy baby hair, and I’m thinking Annabelle may be a good candidate for some!

Pello Pillows:
Bath time has always been my favorite time of the day, and I want my girls to enjoy their bath time, too. Getting three little ones bathed, however, is no small feat! When I bought the Pello, I wondered if it would end up being yet another baby accoutrement that cluttered my house without making itself useful. It has seriously ended up to be one of THE most important items in our bath time routine. I cover the Pello with a 3 Marthas hooded towel (see below) and put both little munchkins on top. I wrap the towel over them and transport them (the Pello has handles) to the bathroom floor, where they stay snug as two little twinkies until the water is ready. I bathe them together, then move them back on top of the towel, where I swaddle them together and transport them back to the den for jammies. These pillows are machine washable (yay!) and so, so versatile. Even Mary Merle uses it as a comfy place to snuggle up.

3 Marthas Hooded Towels:
Another fabulously useful item during bath time chaos is the hooded towel. What I love about this brand is that the terry cloth is super thick and absorbent, and it holds up so well. The towels are nice and big, and the munchkins look so dang cute all wrapped up in them. They are also wonderful for the pool. These definitely aren’t just a “baby” item, and I expect to use these towels for many, many years. I’m envisioning Mary Merle going to college with hers!

I should also mention something else that has helped me through these past wonderful – if at times trying – months. “Jesus Calling” is a book of daily devotions that is an easy but incredibly meaningful way to start your day (sometimes at 3 a.m.) Those first couple of months with your sweet baby are precious, but can leave a new parent exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. This little book is a great way to take a few minutes of “me time” with Christ to refocus, recharge and momma on!

I hope these tips help! We’ve loved each of these products, and I think other mommas out there will, too. Thank you to everyone who sent sweet messages, thoughtful gifts, prayers and happy thoughts our way. It’s so fun to have friends to share in the joy! God has indeed been so good to us.

With a grateful heart,

Megan Beauchamp


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