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Embracing a Bit of Change at Magpies Bellaire

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The saying goes that the only thing constant is change. And, while we all enjoy our ongoing inventory updates, (What can we say? We love to shop.) the girls at Magpies Bellaire have taken change to another level altogether. Over the past year or so, we’ve made a few small tweaks that have brought a big difference.

The first thing you’ll notice is a brand-new sign! We love our Bellaire location with its beautiful trees, but that gorgeous greenery doesn’t lend itself to keeping the shop visible. Now, above the nearby Walgreens sign, is a gorgeous Magpies marker in our signature blue. That isn’t the only update, though. Our entryway also got a facelift.

Although our storefront faces Bellaire Boulevard, our entrance and sign have always been off to the side. This worked fine for getting in and out, but — just like with the trees — it didn’t make us easy to see. In a true “aha” moment, we decided to shift our store’s focal point. The team hired a contractor to create doors facing Bellaire Boulevard, while the ladies themselves adjusted interior displays. The end result? An improved entryway to a store you see from the roadway.

These adjustments have been a good thing. Guests who leave the shop now get a true feel for Bellaire, with a view that looks out over beautiful trees and the old trolley that once traveled the streets. Meanwhile, people stopped in traffic have something more exciting to look at, with the store’s cute outdoor ornaments and window displays.

Still, no plan is perfect. We will admit that we have experienced one ongoing obstacle with these recent revisions. Just like birds flying into freshly-cleaned glass, a few people have walked head-first into the old doors, unaware that they’re now windows. That’s OK. We’re always there with a helping hand and a bottle of Windex. Luckily, our wonderful customers seem to take it all in stride.

Maggie Farrar


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