Make a Wish(list)!

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Chances are you’ve been there — part of a conversation that went something like this:

Person 1: “[insert holiday here] is coming up! What do you want?”
Person 2: “Oh, anything. I’m not picky.”
Person 1: “But I need ideas. What do you want?”
Person 2: “Honestly. Anything. I don’t know.”

It’s a cycle that can go on and on. And, truth be told, that friend isn’t trying to be difficult. By being open to anything, they probably hope to make your life easier. The problem is, that laidback attitude does you no favors when you hit the stores to shop. Make life easier with a wish list.

WishlistHow does a Magpies wish list work? It’s easy! Just have the potential recipient visit our webpage and either fill it out electronically, or print a copy to bring to the store. We don’t just ask for a running total of their favorite things. We jot down essential info like birthday, anniversary and favorite color, and make sure their special someone — as indicated on their list — gets a copy!

This simple step eliminates stress, makes the shopper’s life easier and ensures the recipient receives a gift they truly desire. Everybody wins!

Have a wonderful day,

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A Note to Our Loyal CustomersOur Physical Locations Are Closed Until April 2, But Our Online Shop is Open 24/7!

In an effort to keep our incredible customers and staff members healthy as we navigate the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Magpies family has decided to close all three of our stores. You can still shop right here on our website and have your purchases shipped directly to your home. (In-store pickup is not available at this time.)

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. If there’s something you’re searching for that you don’t see on our site, please email We are monitoring the email constantly and will be happy to assist.  

Thank you for helping to #stopthespread, and for sticking with us through these uncertain times. Stay safe and healthy out there — we look forward to seeing you soon!