Need some help finding great gifts for her, or gifts for men? Looking for new traditions to make your holiday celebrations extra special? Simply wondering what your friends at Magpies Gifts have been up to? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our blog is chock full posts aimed at informing, inspiring and making life a little simpler. Read on!

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for When the Clock is Ticking


Last-minute Christmas gifts. Everyone tries to avoid them, yet somehow, they always seem to find their way into the holiday shuffle. At Magpies Gifts, we get it — because we’re human and it happens to us, too! We’re here to ease a bit of the stress that comes with shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts, and… Read More »

LAPCOS Sheet Masks Are Now Available at Magpies Gifts!

LAPCOS sheet masks are a great way to face the day feeling fantastic — and with a fabulous glow. And we have good news, friends. Now you can snag these great skincare products right here, at Magpies Gifts’ Houston boutiques! Curious to know more about this new addition to your skincare routine? Allow us to… Read More »

FarmHouse Fresh Bath and Beauty Products Have Arrived!


Magpies Gifts is excited to announce you can now shop incredible FarmHouse Fresh products at all three of our Houston gift shops — and online, too! What makes FarmHouse Fresh something we were anxious to get on store shelves? We’re glad you asked, friends! Let us take a second to tell you all about this… Read More »

The Curated Care Package: Gifts for College Students


As any doting parent (or grandparent, or sibling, or friend …) will tell you, gifts for college students don’t have to end once those dorm rooms are done up and classes have started. Every college kid appreciates knowing someone is thinking of them, and care packages are a great way to do just that. But,… Read More »

Baby Gifts for Second-Time Parents

Ever puzzled over baby gifts for friends who already have a little one? Such presents can be tricky, considering the family likely has “big” items like cribs and strollers covered — and could be overloaded on baby clothes or baby toys. So, how do you help them celebrate their new addition without contributing too much… Read More »

Purchasing Magpies Gift Certificates Has Never Been Easier!

Magpies Gift Certificates

Everyone knows that one person in life who has everything. You love them, you enjoy spending time with them, but buying gifts for them is a nightmare. Trust us when we say we’ve been there. When it comes to folks who lead to stressful shopping situations, the Magpies team has two words of advice: Gift… Read More »

Our New T-shirts Are Making a Statement!

Magpies Gifts Shirts

At Magpies Gifts, we try to make positivity and encouragement part of our everyday work. After all, life gets tough sometimes. And if there’s a way to make someone’s day better and spread a few smiles, we are all about it. Recently, our team got to thinking about ways we could incorporate a few more… Read More »

Magpies Talks Holiday Gift Ideas with ABC 13’s Rebecca Spera!

Magpies Gifts | Holiday Gifts

The tree is up, the parties are booked and holiday tunes are out in full force. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Sure, except for the stress that comes with seasonal shopping. At Magpies Gifts, we’re all about making life easier for our incredible friends and customers, and we were thrilled when… Read More »

Make a Big Difference When You Shop Small Business Saturday!

Magpies Gifts | Small Business Saturday

You know the old question. Does size really matter? Well, in the world of business ownership, the answer is a resounding YES! Magpies Gifts is proud to count ourselves among the more than 28 million small businesses that call the United States home. What exactly is a small business? According to the U.S. Small Business… Read More »

Magpies is Bringing a Little More Fun to the Christmas Countdown!

Magpies Gifts | Star from Afar

For anyone who needed reminding (and we’ll be honest here — no one did) the holidays are just around the corner! And while grownups might have their internal calendars on lock, that Christmas countdown isn’t so easy for little ones. You’re in luck! At Magpies, we’ve got a fun-tastic way for families to infuse something… Read More »

Make a Wish(list)!

Magpies Gifts | Wish Lists

Chances are you’ve been there — part of a conversation that went something like this: Person 1: “[insert holiday here] is coming up! What do you want?” Person 2: “Oh, anything. I’m not picky.” Person 1: “But I need ideas. What do you want?” Person 2: “Honestly. Anything. I don’t know.” It’s a cycle that… Read More »