Need some help finding great gifts for her, or gifts for men? Looking for new traditions to make your holiday celebrations extra special? Simply wondering what your friends at Magpies Gifts have been up to? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our blog is chock full posts aimed at informing, inspiring and making life a little simpler. Read on!

New Arrival: Shop Gorgeous Julie Vos Jewelry at Magpies!

Julie Vos jewelry is stunning, it makes a statement — and it’s available at your favorite Houston boutique. Magpies Gifts is excited to announce you can now purchase this artist’s creations in-store at all three Magpies locations, or by visiting! So, who is Julie Vos, and what can you expect to see from her… Read More »

LAPCOS Sheet Masks Are Now Available at Magpies Gifts!

LAPCOS sheet masks are a great way to face the day feeling fantastic — and with a fabulous glow. And we have good news, friends. Now you can snag these great skincare products right here, at Magpies Gifts’ Houston boutiques! Curious to know more about this new addition to your skincare routine? Allow us to… Read More »

FarmHouse Fresh Bath and Beauty Products Have Arrived!


Magpies Gifts is excited to announce you can now shop incredible FarmHouse Fresh products at all three of our Houston gift shops — and online, too! What makes FarmHouse Fresh something we were anxious to get on store shelves? We’re glad you asked, friends! Let us take a second to tell you all about this… Read More »

Our Turquoise Table is a Sweet Resting Spot in Bellaire, Texas!

If you’ve stopped by our Bellaire, Texas, store in recent weeks, you might have noticed a new addition out front. Situated on our lawn, facing Bellaire Boulevard, is a bright turquoise table. What’s it all about? Oh, you know we’re glad to fill you in. We’ll be the first to admit that the turquoise table… Read More »

Purchasing Magpies Gift Certificates Has Never Been Easier!

Magpies Gift Certificates

Everyone knows that one person in life who has everything. You love them, you enjoy spending time with them, but buying gifts for them is a nightmare. Trust us when we say we’ve been there. When it comes to folks who lead to stressful shopping situations, the Magpies team has two words of advice: Gift… Read More »

Our New T-shirts Are Making a Statement!

Magpies Gifts Shirts

At Magpies Gifts, we try to make positivity and encouragement part of our everyday work. After all, life gets tough sometimes. And if there’s a way to make someone’s day better and spread a few smiles, we are all about it. Recently, our team got to thinking about ways we could incorporate a few more… Read More »

What is Your PURSE-onality?

Magpies Gifts | Brighton Bag

In case the re-emergence of pumpkin spice everything hadn’t tipped you off, autumn is upon us. And for many people, that means breaking out beautiful fall wardrobes that have sat forgotten in closets for months. At Magpies we love accessorizing our cold- (well, colder) weather ensembles, and purses are a great way to do just… Read More »

Calling All Beach Bums!

Magpies Gifts | Swell Bottles

If you’re anything like my family, this warm weather and shining sun has the beach calling your name! As you’re gearing up to dig your toes in the sand, the right tools can make all the difference. Lucky for you, at Magpies we’ve stocked up for the season. First off, we have to brag on… Read More »