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LAPCOS Sheet Masks Are Now Available at Magpies Gifts!

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LAPCOS sheet masks are a great way to face the day feeling fantastic — and with a fabulous glow. And we have good news, friends. Now you can snag these great skincare products right here, at Magpies Gifts’ Houston boutiques! Curious to know more about this new addition to your skincare routine? Allow us to introduce you to LAPCOS sheet masks — and the LAPCOS brand as a whole. We think you’ll love what you see!

So, Who is LAPCOS?
The LAPCOS brand is based out of South Korea, a country known for its focus on quality skincare products and regimens. They offer a full range of bath and beauty products aimed at exfoliating, moisturizing and helping people feel their absolute best. The company expanded its reach into the United States in 2017, truly revolutionizing the way many of us approach skincare.


What Exactly Are These Sheet Masks?
LAPCOS sheet masks have caught on like wildfire since they were introduced to the U.S., and the concept is simple! Unlike gel or clay face masks many of us grew up with, LAPCOS sheet masks are made of a lightweight, breathable cloth — something similar to a baby wipe — with cut-outs for your eyes and mouth. They come individually packaged in leak-proof pouches, so all you have to do is select your pouch, open it up and apply it to your washed face for the time specified on the packaging. Once you’re done, simply discard the used mask and go on with your day!


What Are the Benefits?
Besides being a lot of fun to use (and a great addition to any slumber party or home spa night) these little masks have a lot to offer. It all depends on the one you select! Some masks focus solely on moisturizing the skin, while others help with everything from firming, to brightening and soothing. There are options for your lips, feet and hair, too! The great thing about these is, they aren’t just effective — they’re affordable. So, grab a few and see what you like best!

Looking forward to trying these great new products out? Well, we’re looking forward to it, too! (By the way, these products make GREAT stocking stuffers, and would be the perfect addition to a spa-focused holiday gift.) Come by our shops to check them out soon — or shop our LAPCOS face masks online. The Magpies Gifts team would love to see you!

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