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2020 Inspiration for Parents: New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

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Grownups are always setting goals for themselves at the start of the year, but what about New Year’s resolutions for kids? The truth is, helping little ones think up small tasks and challenges can be a great way to encourage them to try new things or experience more of the world around them. (And they can be lots of fun, too!) Here’s some of the Magpies Gifts family’s favorite advice for parents when it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions for kids.


Resolve to: Help Them Find Ways to Play Without Screen Time
While it’s important for kids to be able to navigate tablets and the like, there’s a lot to be said for “old-school” toys, too. Puzzles get the wheels turning and help with skills such as shape recognition, while hands-on toys like pretend tool kits and food sets help kids improve coordination and fine motor skills — and stretch their imaginations. Who knows? They might even give them ideas for future career paths!



Resolve to: Help Them Foster a Love of Books with a Nightly Bedtime Story
Kicking back with a good book isn’t just for big people. Kiddos gain all sorts of benefits, from learning new words, to reading comprehension and that tricky art of sitting still. Make it more fun for them by providing a variety of books and letting them pick out the evening’s read! A few of our top picks are “Sometimes I Feel …” by Penny Johnson and Kirsten Irving and “Mattie’s Twirly Whirly Tail” by Wendy Ravenhill and Lizzie Walkley. For little ones who live in and around Houston, Julie Beasley’s “H is for Harvey” is a fantastic book to help them wrap their minds around the hurricane that affected our city in such big ways.



Resolve to: Help Them Get Creative with Art-Based Activities
How does a kid know what they’re good at until they give it a try? Introducing children to different hands-on artforms helps get the creative juices flowing and could help them find a hobby they love! There are other positive points, too. A little one who uses a design-your-own bracelet kit to create gifts for friends learns how good it feels to give toothers, and to see a job well done. A kid who lets loose on a fun coloring pad learns the art of staying inside the lines (eventually, at least) and gains an understanding of color.


The great thing about these New Year’s resolutions for kids — and others like them — is that they can easily go all year long! You might introduce a new challenge to the mix each month, for instance. Or, if you find something they truly love, keep going that route for as long as you can! Your favorite Houston boutique offers a whole range of great gifts for kids — things to get them exploring, asking questions and expressing themselves. Stop by to shop in person, or shop anytime online at! We’d love to help your little ones continue down a fun new path throughout the new year and beyond.

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