The Magpies Nesties Loyalty Program: Rewards Just for Shopping!

Our Magpies Nesties loyalty program rewards people just like YOU for shopping at your favorite Houston boutique. Are you a member yet? Signing up is simple. And earning points? That’s even easier! Curious about how it all works? Here’s a quick overview of our loyalty program, rewards and all the important details you should know.

Signing Up Takes Just a Few Seconds
You can join the Magpies Nesties Loyalty Program by visiting any of our three stores — Magpies Cypress, Magpies Bellaire or Magpies Sugar Land. Simply step up to the checkout and let the team know you’re interested! The only information we’ll need is your name, cell phone number, birth month and email address. After that, you’re all set! (And, don’t worry. Magpies Gifts will be responsible with your information. We won’t share it or sell your data — and we only send a couple of emails a month!)

Start Earning Those Points
You rack up points automatically, just by shopping with us in-store! Just give your name to the Magpies Gifts team member when it’s time to check out, and your account will be credited. (Your balance appears on the bottom of your digital receipts, and on any emails you receive from us.) You receive one point for every dollar you spend in person! As a friendly reminder, rewards points are based off your pre-tax subtotal, and not all purchases count toward your Magpies Nesties Loyalty Program rewards points. Exclusions include: Discounted items, promotional items, sale items, clearance items and online purchases.

Use Your Rewards Whenever You Want
The Magpies Nesties Loyalty Program gives you 2% rewards back. You can cash in your Nestie rewards as soon as you hit 250 points (a $5 savings) or save your points for later! Points NEVER expire, so you’re more than welcome to save them up for bigger, better savings later on. When you DO decide it’s time to cash them in, simply let a Magpies Gifts team member know when you’re at the register to check out. They’ll apply your rewards toward your purchase right then and there!

Have other questions about our loyalty program, rewards process or how the point system works? We’ve devoted an entire webpage to keeping our friends informed. Stop by and read more! Of course, we’re always glad to fill you in, too. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions!


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