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Size: 5.5×3″
By Lori Mitchell

Eggbert Hopperton, you are one delightful little character!  Clearly you couldn’t make up your mind when dressing in your Easter Egg costume. Seriously!  One side is pink and the other is yellow! Your unique style and big, floppy, white bunny ears make you stand out in the crowd. You’re a perfect embodiment of the Easter spirit.

Carrying that tiny basket with a single large blue egg, it seems you were quite successful in the Easter Egg hunt….or not!  ONE EGG?  How exciting it must have been to find such a treasure! Your little basket may be small, but it’s filled with the joy of discovery and the magic of Easter.  Next time, we suggest a bigger basket to collect more eggs!

And of course, in true Lori Mitchell fashion, your socks don’t match! It’s those little details that add a touch of whimsy to your appearance. Who needs matching socks when you’re busy hopping and spreading Easter cheer?

As the Easter Bunny, I can’t help but be charmed by your enthusiasm and colorful presence. You embody the essence of Easter with your vibrant costume and adorable bunny ears. You bring smiles to faces and brighten up any Easter display.

So, Eggbert Hopperton, continue to embrace your unique style and showcase your joyful spirit. Your pink and yellow Easter egg costume, mismatched socks, and floppy bunny ears are a true reflection of the fun and excitement that Easter brings. May you continue to hop along, spreading happiness and collecting treasures along the way.

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