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Over 5 years ago the Lord inspired me to create “The Sword of the Spirit” board game, where children can learn His Amazing Word/His Scriptures while they play.

Well, I sketched out the ideas I had in my mind onto a poster board and I also wrote out the scriptures on index cards. Well after many road blocks, it was obvious that I could not afford a graphic designer to bring this game into fruition. So I put the game away for a few years, but the Lord kept stirring my heart not to forget about the game. A very important game, to equip His children with His Powerful Word! His Word that they would carry with them all the days of their lives.

Well, as the Lord would have it, He connected me to a very talented and amazing and affordable graphic designer! Not only did God connect me with an Amazing graphic designer but also to an Amazing company to manufacture the games. These games are Beautiful in more than one way!

I pray that your children will have a Fun and Exciting time playing “The Sword of the Spirit” board game, but more importantly that they will learn God’s Powerful and Amazing Word! That as they play, they will: Read It! Speak It! Learn It!

God bless you and your family!

All for His Glory!!

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