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A house with an open door is like a friend with an open heart: inviting, generous of spirit, and constant to the core. No where is this more apparent than in the homes created by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith. Here, in their first book, THE WELCOMING HOUSE: The Art of Living Graciously, Schwab and Smithpresent beautifully arranged interiors in which the trade – marks of their style – subtle color palettes, graceful furniture, an emphasis on comfort and entertaining – harmonize to create fresh yet timeless spaces. Walking the reader through homes with their characteristic Southern charm, they share their vision and process, from big – picture topics such as room flow and furniture plans, to the importance of entryways and setting a beautiful table. The lessons also extend from the interior to the garden, as Schwab and Smith discuss how outside spaces can become natural extensions of the home for entertaining. Throughout the book readers will find ideas for arranging rooms to welcome one, two, or four people as comfortably as fifty, establishing multi-functional, adaptable gathering places that are both gracious and functional for the family of the house as well as their guests.

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